"exudes the true warmth and pain of trials within the family, with a hilarious edge"
-- Ilana Kramer, Lilith Magazine
"a touchingly realistic depiction of a young woman who, fresh out of college, has one dream - to make it as an artist"
-- Dan's Papers, Bridgehampton, Long Island
"I simply loved it! She's painting and her art is growing right with her. That's what won my heart!"
-- Sandy Deetz, WIBQ Talk Radio 1220 AM; Sarasota, St. Petersberg, Bradenton, FL
"There are so many levels to this film. One of the most beautiful is the continuum and struggle of faith in this time."
-- WMNF Tampa, FL - Mary Glenney, The Women’s Show
"highly entertaining and provides plenty of laughs at the same time as it exposes some of the problems resulting from interfaith dating, social anti-semitism, parental ambition and homosexuality"
-- Peter Rothholz, Manhattan Jewish Sentinel
"Debra Kirschner brings a welcome lightness and honesty to her portrait of a loving family stuck between tradition and modernity."
-- Rajendra Roy, Director of Programming
Hamptons International Film Festival
"a wonderfully honest coming of age film... Ronald Guttman and Tovah Feldshuh shine as the thoughtful mother and father... this kind of storytelling is refreshing"
Jonathan Hickman, einsiders.com